HOPF Jupiter 63


hollow body guitar


Quite a rare bird produced by Hopf, just like all their electric instruments a combination of high quality Italian and German parts, put together with taste for details. The body is a light weight hollow plastic construction made of a front and a rear part held together by a grey rail. There were modells with black and sunburst sprayed bodies as well. The black sprayed pickguard contains the Schaller single coils commonly used in the period of it's production (about the beginning of 60ies), a highly shielded section for tone control and pickup selection, a master volume pot and the 3pin DIN-connector. The neck is a so called patented "Hopf Everstraight", a multiple laminated construction of wooden stripes, that still keeps what it was promissing. The tuners are open all in a row types, the trem-system is a solid but simple one as well.
Even hard searching efforts didn't bring more than 4 instruments to the state of evidence, yet. The experts of german electric guitars, Schnepel and Lemme, didn't even succeed finding an instrument to illustrate their book in the late 80ies.

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